Drop Off &Pick Up

  • Please be timely in dropping off and picking up your student. Teachers need to prepare for their next class. 
  • There is some space in front of the house. There is more space on the west side of my home along the street. Please avoid parking in front of neighbor driveways or sidewalk entrances. 
  • There will be a sign put on the front door 5 minutes before class when the teacher is ready for students. After the sign is put up, students can open the door and go straight downstairs. They need to take their things with them. They can put their things in a cubby before going into the studio. 
  • Children are required to wait on the porch until they see their parents. Please do not knock on the door before class is out. The children will be brought out to you. 
  • Please park on the side of the street closest to my home so that little children do not have to cross the street. 
  • If a student is late, send them downstairs when they get to class. 
  • If you are late picking up your child, they will either be waiting on the porch or inside the home depending on the weather. It is your responsibility to walk to the front door and knock to get your child.

Remember this is a home. Keeping traffic time to pick up and drop off is crucial for my family. If you need your child to leave early or come late, please notify the teacher so that arrangements can be made.